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A Modern Way to Look at Dividend Investing: Introducing YARP (Yield at a Reasonable Price)

Released on Wednesday, January 17, 2024DIVIDEND

Many traditional approaches to dividend investing do not truly address the need for defense as part of the income investing equation.  Robert will introduce his proprietary research and development of a dividend stock selection process called YARP (Yield At a Reasonable Price). YARP prioritizes risk management and total return by identifying stocks with historically high dividend yields that are currently undervalued and have the potential for price appreciation. "Dividend" does not always mean "safe." YARP seeks to address that. He will review the process and history of YARP investing, which he used to manage stock portfolios and a mutual fund during his "past life" as an investment advisor. Now a full-time investment researcher and publisher, he will explain how investors use the YARP concept to deliver sufficient cash flow from dividend income, keep losses in a tolerable range, and develop their own repeatable, systematic total return investment process.

Robert Isbitts, Founder

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