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What's Hot and What's Not for 2022

Released on Tuesday, January 11, 2022ECONOMY
The world continues to cope with life since Covid-19 and its variants, including ongoing lockdowns and restrictions; social and health safety consciousness is pushing people to redefine their lives. It's no coincidence job openings in the US remain at record levels and businesses continue to struggle to retain their best employees. A mass exodus from cities to more rural locations is ongoing, and it could be stronger than anticipated. The dynamic is fueling a strong secular boom in commodities across the board, particularly resources and precious metals. Where are they headed and why? What are the risks coming into 2022 and where can we find opportunities? In this presentation Omar Ayales will take you on a chart walk around the world analyzing macroeconomic trends, what world markets are doing and where are they headed so that you can have an edge when trading or investing.

Omar Ayales
Gold Charts R Us, Editor

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