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There is no doubt that FX is one of the most explosive markets for traders. An unexpected YES to BREXIT brought the British Pound to its knees, while a surprise announcement by the BOJ to hold off on QE1000 skyrocketed the Yen. Trading the spot FX market is one option, but it is risky for retail traders when you have shady brokers taking the other side of the trade and stops that don't get triggered.Fortunately, there are alternatives to trading spot FX. In this highly-anticipated presentation, Matt Choi shares with you one of his more aggressive strategies that he uses to consistently profit from trading currency ETF options. He will show you how to spot 'volatility expansion' setups, and how to use 'cheap gamma' to take advantage of such opportunities with limited risk. The best part is it is very easy to spot these high probability setups, so even part-time traders can apply this strategy to their trading.If making more money trading options and working less hours is what you want, then Matt's presentation is a must-see.
Matt Choi, CMT
Duration: 48:17