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The end of an era of economic stimulus is reaching maturity as financial conditions around the world are tightening. The US is leading the pack. Others, like Europe, have struggled, but inflation continues to tick up. Precious metals and resources are up trending.What does it all mean, and more importantly how can we profit from current global trends? Omar Ayales, senior market strategist and editor of GCRU, will take you on a chart walk around the world. He'll show you what's hot, what's not and what to expect from developing global economic trends. Be ready for winning stock picks and receiving cutting edge insight that will help you sharpen your trading and investing tool kit.GCRU is a weekly trading service that has been guiding investors and traders alike through market movements, allowing them to excel under any market condition for nearly 20 years. GCRU was originally founded by sir Harry Schultz and it's currently part of the Aden Research Group of newsletters.
Omar Ayales
Duration: 41:11