3 Recent IPOs Worth Tracking


Gennady Kupershteyn sees three IPOs with strong fundamentals that could have price potential ahead, and says growth leaders Apple and Green Mountain continue to show leadership.

Kate Stalter: Today, we are speaking with trader Gennady Kupershteyn and you can follow him on Twitter @CapitalistBull. So Gennady, thanks so much for joining us today.

Gennady Kupershteyn: Thank you for having me.

Kate Stalter: Give us your take on what you see as going on in these extremely volatile market conditions. What do you believe is important for individual investors to know about right now?

Gennady Kupershteyn: If you are an individual investor, I think the best thing is to really go back, study your past trades, and come up with a new watch list to follow. You don’t want to play this market unless you are a pure day trader, because there is no way of knowing what you are going to be waking up to from day to day.

Kate Stalter: What are some areas that you see as being some pockets of strength at this moment?

Gennady Kupershteyn: Gold is obviously a pocket of strength. Again, I wouldn’t touch those stocks; a lot of them are a bit extended here, some of them are coming off the bottom. But I do believe with the price of gold going, up at some point, they may set up for big moves later in the year.

You also want to be looking at some of the leaders from the past markets that are holding up pretty well right now and that is Green Mountain (GMCR) and then Apple (AAPL). They have acted fabulously, considering how bad this market got hit, but I wouldn’t buy them right now.