The Next 10 Years Belong to China


Jim Rogers Image Jim Rogers Author, Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets

China will become the unequivocal market leader within the next ten years, said investment legend Jim Rogers at the World MoneyShow Shanghai. Rogers also maintained his bullish outlook on commodities.

Jim Rogers makes ​​no secret of his optimism about China's financial market.

A guru whose global-investing credentials are numerous—his Quantum Fund was one of the first successful international funds—believes that China and Asia will become the center of the world in the next ten years, he said in an interview at the World MoneyShow Shanghai.

“We sold our house in New York in 2004 and moved to Singapore," he said. "Now my two daughters can speak very fluent Chinese. I will also open Chinese stock trading accounts for them.”

Currently, Rogers does all his investment in China through his personal trading and bank accounts. He insists that he is just an investor—he hasn’t even been to his office in Singapore.

"I do not trade often. Once an investment is made, it’s for 20 years, unless something significant happens. And I only like those cheap stocks that nobody pays attention to.”

During a 1999 trip around the world, when Rogers reached China he opened a B-share account at Haitong Securities. He says he hasn’t sold the B shares bought at that time. But now the A-share market is too expensive. If stock prices fall, he will buy a lot of stocks—but not real-estate shares.

Apart from China, Rogers has also invested in a number of other Asian countries, such as India, Japan, and Singapore.

He said that there are still plenty of opportunities in emerging markets—especially those markets most people consider immature, such as Myanmar and Laos—because the lower the price, the bigger the profit.