SITO Mobile and Geo-Fencing

10/24/2016 7:00 am EST


James Oberweis

President, Oberweis Asset Management, Inc.

Our latest featured recommendation is a mobile location-based advertising platform serving businesses, advertisers and brands, explains Jim Oberweis Jr., money manager with Oberweis Asset Management.

Through the proliferation of mobile devices, SITO Mobile (SITO) provides customers with the ability to deliver actionable content in a real-time manner, while providing measurement and analytics that allow campaigns to be fluid and transaction driven.

Through the company’s platform, marketers can create content targeted to audiences, based on location, interests, behaviors and loyalty.

The company uses location-based mobile advertising including geo-fencing, verified walk-ins and behavioral targeting with analytics and optimization for the client.

“Geo-fencing” targets customers within a certain radius (approximately 15 feet) of location and uses technology to push coupons, ads and promotions to mobile apps and mobile websites in real-time.

Analytics and optimization allow clients to measure campaign performance and insight into key metrics, with a measurement system to track key metrics like user demographics, psychographics, CPM, click-throughs and time of engagement.

The company believes that combining multiple real-time bidding networks with an ability to serve coupons, ads and promotions at times and places when consumers are most interested, can create relevant content for consumers.

In the company’s latest reported second quarter, sales increased approximately 168% to $9.9 million from $3.7 million in the second quarter of last year.

SITO Mobile reported earnings per share of $0.04 in the latest reported second quarter versus a loss in the same quarter of last year.

Clients of Oberweis Asset Management own approximately 80,000 shares. These shares may be appropriate for risk oriented investors.

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By Jim Oberweis Jr., Money Manager with Oberweis Asset Management

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