To say that stock crashes are never much fun is an understatement. But they do represent opportunity for long-term investors, asserts tech sector guru Jon Markman, editor of Pivotal Point.

But to take advantage of that opportunity, investors need to discern which companies are leaders that will overcome volatility-driven pullbacks, and which are just riding the trends.

Learning how to identify the former and steer clear of the latter is tricky. But one way to sort the wheat from the chaff is to determine how a company is faring in terms of the digital transformation.

This is a theme I write about often. That’s because it is the next big industrial revolution.

Considering how important it is to the future of tech, the concept behind it is simple: As the collection, storage and interpretation of data becomes more pervasive, corporations are likely to shift increasing portions of their budgets in that direction.

Given the current trustbusting climate in Washington, this may seem counterintuitive. But some companies are so big, and their reach is so dominant, there is no doubt they are going to win the transition to digital.

Some of these businesses, like Amazon (AMZN), Microsoft (MSFT) and to a lesser extent Alphabet (GOOGL) are foundational. They own vast cloud computing networks. They are also influential in the infrastructure software needed to build out next-generation networks on the edge.

Other key businesses are building out crucial software layers to sit atop those networks. Alteryx (AYX), for example, helps companies organize workflows, collect and process digital information across all parts of the enterprise. Their products are best-in-class and growing fast.

These businesses are the foundations of the digital transition. They virtually cannot miss. Investors with an attention span longer than a few months should consider using the current weakness to add long-term positions.

Some of the issues that should be on your radar — and will be on mine — include Nvidia (NVDA). It’s down from $315 to $246 in this latest tech meltdown. However, the company is building a huge business in the future of networks focused on artificial intelligence.

By some measures there could be as much as 40% more downside for the broad market. Yet the bottom line is that this pullback in tech stocks is an opportunity to refocus. Digital transformation is a supercycle. It’s happening, and there is no looking back.

I realize it’s hard during a crash, but as an investor, it’s important to be patient and focused: Turn the ruckus to your favor by using recent and coming weakness to add to key positions.

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