Trading for a Living, Not Just a Hobby: Trading Psychology Secrets to Fast Track the Learning Curve from Barely Profitable to Professional

Jerremy Newsome, Real Life Trading, CEO

Crede Sheehy-Kelly, Créde Performance, High Performance Psychologist

Join Real Life Trading's Jerremy Newsome and high-performance trading psychologist Crede Sheehy-Kelly of Crede Performance for the inside track on how to achieve career-level income from trading. This trading-psychology MoneyMasters course will walk you step-by-step through the mindset, routines, and techniques used by professional traders to generate consistent, predictable income. If you want to make trading a lucrative career instead of just a side gig, spend two hours learning the tips and routines that will help you to develop a razor-sharp mental edge and the composure of a Marine in the market.

Course Content

3 Chapters • 1:56:35 Duration

Jerremy will walk you through how to master your cash flow management. When trading for a living, you must pay bills. Expenses are a part of life, and with properly managed income and cash flow creation from the markets, professional traders can have a financially free and fulfilled life! Jerremy will discuss how much to take out, when, how to structure withdrawals, what are reasonable expectations, and how to buy assets for future generational wealth.

Créde will share the performance lifestyle approach adopted by professional and Olympic athletes, as well as professional traders, which will help you systematically level up all aspects of your trading performance. Créde will teach a practical “Performance Profile” technique that you can use to identify the key areas to work on for maximum impact and results in your trading.

In this segment, Jerremy and Créde will discuss the habits required for trading as a professional and how to preserve emotional capital by balancing trading and life. They will cover money mindset, beliefs about income, capabilities, and how to communicate with your spouse and set proper expectations with your family and loved ones.

This is your opportunity to learn the mindset secrets and habits that will unlock your true trading potential. This course will deliver actionable tips and exercises that you can implement straight away for elite-level discipline and consistency in your trading.

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Jerremy Newsome
Real Life Trading, CEO
Crede Sheehy-Kelly
Créde Performance, High Performance Psychologist

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