New Advances in Elliott Wave Analysis for Greater Market Accuracy

Jason Appel,, Beginners Educational Guide

Avi Gilburt, Esq,, Founder

Avi Gilburt is an Elliott Wave market analyst and author of, a live trading room featuring analysis by him and a dynamic community of professional traders. Jason Appel is a financial markets veteran who started his career on the trading floor of the Chicago Board of Trade in the early 2000s while in his late teens. Together, they will give you a solid foundation in understanding Elliott Wave analysis and how to use it to anticipate market moves.


Course Content

3 Chapters • 2:13:53 Duration
  • The differences between market fundamentals and sentiment and why sentiment leads fundamentals.
  • Ralph Nelson Elliott identified that the market was driven by investor sentiment, with a repeating pattern through which investor sentiment can be tracked.
  • Outline of the basic Elliott Wave 5-wave structure.
  • Fibonacci mathematics and nature's law demonstrate that Fibonacci ratios and series control and limit the extent and duration of price trends, irrespective of wars, politics, production indices, the supply of money, general purchasing power, and other generally accepted methods of determining stock values.”
  • Recent market studies, which explain why these ratios are so applicable in the stock market.
  • Overview of Elliott Wave patterns and how gaining an understanding of Elliott Wave will enable you to understand price movements in context.
  • Examples of how Avi has used Elliott Wave analysis in the past to identify market turns, such as the 2011 top in the gold market, the 2011 bottom in the US dollar market, the metals bottom at the end of 2015, the “global melt-up” he called for in 2016-2018, the major bond rally he called for in November of 2018, the 30% decline he was calling for by the first quarter of 2020, and the bottom he called for at 2200SPX with an expectation for a rally to 6000SPX.
  • Elliott Wave has been criticized as overly subjective. Avi’s “Fibonacci Pinball” methodology facilitates a more objective understanding of Elliott Wave.
  • Context for how technical oscillators such as the MACD and RSI help to inform where within a pattern a stock price may be.
  • How the Elliott Wave count tells how to interpret signals from the technical indicators.
  • When to heed and when to ignore overbought/oversold signals.
  • Setting up a trade: Identifying high expected value trades.
  • How Elliott Wave is used to identify likely winners with excellent risk-to-reward ratios, including entry strategy, setting and moving stops, and taking profits.
  • Real-life examples, including both day and swing trades in assets ranging from stocks, agricultural commodities, and cryptos.

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Jason Appel, Beginners Educational Guide
Avi Gilburt, Esq, Founder

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