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About Avi

Avi Gilburt is an Elliott Wave market analyst and author of, a live trading room featuring analysis by him and a dynamic community of professional traders. Mr. Gilburt's Elliott Wave analysis appears frequently on sites such as, MarketWatch, Forbes, and Seeking Alpha.

Avi's Articles

Before we move into a review of the last few months of market action to learn what most investors did wrong, explains Avi Gilburt of
For those who may not remember the action we experienced in the metals market back in the summer of 2011, the market was going parabolic at the time, with some days seeing $50 increases, explains Avi Gilburt of
Yet another week of head-scratching was seen in the market this past week, explains Avi Gilburt of
Some people never learn. And, when it comes to the market, I would venture to say that most people never learn, explains Avi Gilburt of

Avi's Videos

After a consolidation of over two years, Avi Gilburt will outline what he is looking to see in the gold and silver market to suggest the next larger-degree rally has begun.
A panel discussion led by Avi Gilburt, with Garrett Patten and Ryan Wilday, regarding how the equity, metals, bond, and crypto markets are setting up for 2023.

Beaten-down markets are now presenting long opportunities, and Mike and Avi will discuss the wave counts on the SPY, Q's, and VIX to identify more specifically where they're headed and levels to watch.