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Albert Souza

Vice President and Financial Advisor,

Adams Financial Concepts, LLC

About Albert

Al Souza has been a financial advisor for the past 12 years. His focus has been to grow his clients' assets and help them make the transition into retirement. Mr. Souza has always had a passion for how portfolios are built, and in joining AFC he plans to increase his knowledge of asset management and portfolio construction.

Albert's Videos

You've heard of these insights. They seem logical and reasonable. They do not work!
We have a passion for creating wealth. It is validated by the composite of client accounts. That composite is not theoretical, it is not back tested; it is not a model. It is the actual returns clients have achieved. It includes all clients with at least one quarter under management. It includes all clients whose accounts have been terminated. Chris Yand will be presenting the strategy used to achieve the 17+ year-long term success of beating the market.

It is true that higher returns usually mean higher risk. But does it always mean that? For 17 years the composite of our client accounts all inclusive and net of fees and costs has done better than the S&P 500 with dividends reinvested.

Ask most academics and investment authors and most investment professionals and they will tell you it is foolhardy to expect to beat the S&P 500. They will tell you to lower your expectations. But then how do you explain that over the past 16 years the composite of our clients at AFC has in fact done better than the S&P. The composite is the compilation of each of our equity clients with no carve outs. Is it luck or coincidence? We believe there is a reason, and our team is willing to share how the composite of our clients have beaten the S&P 500 over the last 16 years.