Eric Balchunas

Senior ETF Analyst,

Bloomberg Intelligence

  • Senior ETF Analyst at Bloomberg,
  • Appears on Bloomberg TV & Radio
  • Author of Book "The Institutional ETF Toolbox"

About Eric

Eric Balchunas is senior ETF analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence where he writes research for the Bloomberg Terminal. He also helped create and appears on the first-ever ETF TV show called Bloomberg ETF IQ, as well as a podcast called Trillions. Mr. Balchunas is also a Bloomberg Opinion contributor and author of The Institutional ETF Toolbox, which was published by Wiley in March 2016. He holds a Bachelor's degree in journalism and environmental economics from Rutgers University.

Eric's Videos

Passive's takeover of the core of portfolios is changing everything—including active management. In this session, Eric Balchunas will go through the more creative, specialized, and volatile forms of active that can be used to complement passive, such as themes, crypto, packaged trades, quantitative strategies, and ESG. This is just one of the topics explored in his recent book, The Bogle Effect.

As more and more people move to cheap index funds in the core of their portfolio they are seeking ways to complement it with spicier allocations, such as themes, sub-industries, crypto, income and international exposures. In this panel, we explore how some of the more popular ETFs available to complete and/or expand a portfolio.

Would you be willing to sacrifice transparency for potential returns? Would you forego daily disclosure for added flexibility? Those questions and more lie at the center of the passive vs. active ETF debate, the latest version of which will happen right before your eyes as part of this special panel! So be there as the pros discuss the advantages and distinct risk factors of new, actively managed ETFs. See which side you're on, and through the course of a spirited debate, get the help you need to decide whether actively managed ETFs are right for you.

Eric's Books

Eric Balchunas

The Institutional ETF Toolbox: How Institutions Can Understand and Utilize the Fast-Growing World of ETFs

The Institutional ETF Toolbox is the institutional investor's guide to utilizing exchange-traded funds and taking full advantage of the innovative new products in their expanding repertoire. The ETF toolbox is expanding rapidly with nearly one new ETF launching every day this decade so far.