Rich Checkan

President and Alternative Asset Strategist,

Asset Strategies International, Inc.

  • Co-Creator of Perth Mint Certificate Program (PMCP)
  • 25-Year Precious Metals & Rare Coin Veteran
  • US Military Academy (1987) Former Infantry Officer

About Rich

As the President and COO of ASI, Rich Checkan has been an integral part of ASI's maturation to a full-service tangible asset provider to include precious metals, and rare US, world, and ancient coins. Mr. Checkan oversees the operations, administrative, sales, and marketing departments, and serves as ASI's compliance officer. He is a regular contributor to Escape Artist Insiders magazine and ASI's monthly newsletter, Information Line. Mr. Checkan speaks yearly at numerous conferences and seminars worldwide, has been tapped for his expertise on industry vlogs and podcasts, and had been quoted in myriad financial newsletters and the NY Times.

Rich's Articles

Sponsored Content - The doubters will doubt. The haters will hate. Despite them, gold has done its job for over 5,000 years now, says Rich Checkan, president & COO, Asset Strategies International.
Sponsored Content - Here’s the headline from the Los Angeles Times back on August 21, 1988, recalls Rich Checkan of Asset Strategies International.

Rich's Videos

Over the past year, we have seen a couple examples of supply squeezes affecting gold and silver bars and coins. Such squeezes are not new to the industry. Rich Checkan, president of Asset Strategies International, will discuss a few recent and historical squeezes, what triggered them, and what impact they had on the market. Most importantly, he will explain why you should never fear a supply squeeze in coins and bars again.
Gold, silver, and mining stocks had a spectacular performance in 2020, and it seems like they'll do even better in 2021, with a tidal wave of new stimulus spending flooding the economy. But is the story really that simple? Our panel of experts will pinpoint some potential pitfalls—and profit centers—that most will miss this year.
With gold reaching new all-time highs weekly and silver on the rise, Rich Checkan will comment on the one question that is on everyone's mind: "What's Next?" He will explore a couple of possible scenarios going forward and share his thoughts on how to protect yourself in a rising bull market, so you never need to worry about missing the top. Mr. Checkan's comments will explore strategies for holding precious metals for wealth insurance as well as for profit potential. His mission is to help you keep what's yours!

Gold broke out in May 2019, and with the recent correction in stocks, investors are once again interested in the yellow metal. But participation in the sector can be confusing. Join Rich Checkan, president of Asset Strategies International, as he helps answer commonly misunderstood questions such as: What is the difference between owning gold, versus Gold ETFs, or gold mining stocks? He will also share some of the mistakes gold investors regularly make and how to avoid them. If you are even remotely considering gold here, you need to join Mr. Checkan on Friday, June 12th, at 4:50 PM EDT.

Rich's Books

Rich Checkan

The Top Ten Mistakes First-Time Gold Buyers Make

Unsure how to determine if a business is trustworthy enough to handle your precious metals investing needs? This guide highlights the importance of choosing to work with companies that are successful only when their clients are succeeding with their investment goals.

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