Brett Owens

Chief Investment Strategist,

BNK Invest, Inc.

  • Editor, Contrarian Income Report
  • Co-Founded Two Successful Software as a Service Companies
  • Author of How to Retire on Dividends

About Brett

Brett Owens graduated from Cornell University and soon thereafter left Corporate America permanently at age 26 to co-found two successful SaaS (Software as a Service) companies. Today, they serve more than 26,000 business users combined. He took his software profits and started investing in dividend-paying stocks. Mr. Owens employs a contrarian approach to locate high payouts that are available thanks to some sort of broader misjudgment. Renowned billionaire investor Howard Marks called this "second-level thinking."

Brett's Articles

I recently talked about maraschinos in a dividend column because we finally have some bond funds worth cherry picking. Let’s look at three funds below. They are all run by the same fixed-income deity. One – the DoubleLine Yield Opportunities (DLY) – is ridiculously cheap, opines Brett Owens, editor of Contrarian Income Report.
We have 20 stocks and bond funds in our Contrarian Income Report portfolio, yielding nearly 8.1% as I write. That said, not all current positions are equally attractive destinations for new money. Some are buys — even best buys — but some are holds. One of the top names is AllianceBernstein Global High Income Fund (AWF), notes Brett Owens, editor of Contrarian Income Report.
NextEra Energy (NEE) has the fastest-growing utility payout on the planet. NEE has raised its dividend by 183% over the past decade. And we dividend-magnet students know how this story goes: Over time, rising payouts drag their stock prices higher, says Brett Owens, editor of Hidden Yields.
Utilities are the original “bond proxies” of the stock world. Let’s not mince words — we’re interested in their dividends — but we’ll stay for price appreciation. It’s also an attractive quality during a manic market like this. Cohen & Steers Infrastructure Fund (UTF) is our “go to” utility play, advises Brett Owens, editor of Contrarian Income Report.

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Brett Owens

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