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Robert Savage

Head of FX Americas,

BNY Mellon

  • Co-Founded Track Research and Savage Markets
  • CEO CCTrack Solutions
  • Previously of Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers

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The signal of the yield curve globally rests on its force in changing policy views of politicians and central bankers, writes Bob Savage.
When the red light flips on the car dashboard you are supposed to pay attention and get the vehicle checked out, writes Bob Savage.
We are approaching the 10th anniversary of the S& P500 market bottom, note Bob Savage.
The barometer for today in forex markets is the Canadian dollar, writes Bob Savage.

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Bob Savage of Track Research talks about the global macro approach to trading and why Forex is the  tail that wags the dog.

Bob Savage discusses global macro drivers, Brexit and the US-China Trade deal.