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Mark Benzaquen

Principal, Investor Education,

OCC/The Options Industry Council

  • Senior investor services specials at the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC)
  • Instructor at Options Industry Council (OIC)
  • 25 years industry experience

About Mark

Building on over 25 years in the financial industry, Mark Benzaquen's experience enables him to serve as an industry advocate for both individual investors and financial professionals alike. In his role as principal of investor education at OCC, he is responsible for providing support to a comprehensive options resource center that provides information and education about options and supports all products traded on all OCC participant exchanges. Mr. Benzaquen also serves as an instructor and content creator of the Options Industry Council (OIC), conducting options seminars, presenting online webinars, and creating online education courses with a focus on options.

Mark's Articles

A call option is one of two types of options, the other being a put. When an investor buys a call option, they have the right to purchase the security (such as a stock or ETF) upon which the option is based at its strike price, up until the time the option expires
A put option is one of the two types of options, with the other being call options.
Join OIC host Joe Burgoyne and long-time OIC instructor, Bill Ryan as they discuss the short put and other bullish strategies that might be more challenging to implement in a volatile market.
Jermal Chandler, an instructor at Cboe Options Institute discusses his unique journey from chemist to trader. Then, he and host Joe Burgoyne will help to break down Ratio Spreads, Front Spreads and Backspreads. Later in the show, Joe will answer your listener questions.

Mark's Videos

Let’s face it—not all stock buys end up winners. Thankfully, due to the versatility of options, there is a strategy designed to potentially recoup some of these losses without additional costs or taking on additional risks. Join OIC instructor Mark Benzaquen as he dissects and discusses the Stock Repair strategy in this lively and engaging virtual session designed for learners of all levels. 

When it comes to learning about options, it can sometimes be hard to separate fact from fiction. Luckily, the Options Industry Council (OIC) has you covered as we celebrate 30 years of professional and unbiased options education. Join OIC instructor and options veteran Mark Benzaquen as he addresses several of the more popular misconceptions about trading exchange-listed options in this fun and fast-paced session.

Selling options can involve substantial risk-but that may not always be the case. By introducing a long option to the short one, investors can potentially limit their risk while at the same time, generating premium income through the use of credit spreads. Join Mark Benzaquen of The Options Industry CouncilSM (OIC) as he dissects both bullish and bearish credit spreads in this fast-paced and informative session.

Buying puts to protect your long stock can be a great way to mitigate market risk—but how can you pay for it? By selling a call against the protective put, investors can create a collar around their stock position as a hedging tool, while still allowing for some upward market participation. Join OIC instructor Mark Benzaquen as he explores the basics as well as the complex nuances of this widely used defensive strategy.