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Sean McLaughlin

Chief Options Strategist,


About Sean

Sean McLaughlin has been trading for 24 years and is the chief options strategist at AllStarCharts.com, where he leverages best-in-class technical analysis into smarter directional and neutral options trade ideas for a growing professional and retail subscriber base. Mr. McLaughlin got his start in 1998 scalping NASDAQ stocks at a proprietary trading firm. In 2006, he began focusing almost exclusively on equity options trading. Later on, Mr. McLaughlin served as the director of community at StockTwits, then a senior market strategist for Trade Ideas, LLC. All throughout, he has remained engaged in active trading for his own account and has been enthusiastically involved in trader education and mentorship.

Sean's Articles

Back on February second, we initiated a long-term bullish bet in Chevron (CVX) January 2024 150-strike calls, states Sean McLaughlin of AllStarCharts.com.
The team at All Star Charts lately has been talking about how a lot of stocks are displaying declining moving averages and share prices continue to trade below these downward-sloping moving averages, states Sean McLaughlin of AllStarCharts.com.
Sean McLaughlin of AllStarCharts.com exclaims; “Markets are in turmoil!”
It’s no secret the oil and energy sectors have been outperforming in 2022, notes Sean McLaughlin of AllStarCharts.com.