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About Kelley

Kelley Wright entered the financial services industry in 1984 as a stock broker, first with a private investment boutique in La Jolla and later with Dean Witter Reynolds. In 1990, he left the retail side of the industry for private portfolio management. In 2002, Mr. Wright succeeded Geraldine Weiss as the managing editor of the Investment Quality Trends newsletter as well as the chief investment officer and portfolio manager for IQ Trends Private Client. His commentaries have been published in Barron's, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Dow Jones MarketWatch, The Economist, and many other business and financial periodicals. Mr. Wright is an active speaker at trade shows and investment conferences, and is a frequent guest and contributor to radio and CNBC. He is the author of Dividends Still Don't Lie, which was published in February, 2010, by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Kelley's Articles

As an investment vehicle, high-quality stocks with long-term track records for consistent, rising profits, and consistent, rising dividends that trade between two repetitive areas of dividend yield offer the least downside price risk and the most upside price potential while providing a growing stream of income. Alliant Energy Corp. (LNT) is one to buy, opines Kelley Wright, editor of Investment Quality Trends.
With the dividend yield of the Dow Utilities within eleven basis points of “Overvalued,” I find it interesting that some utility stocks are finding their way to the “Undervalued” category. As one of the more interest rate sensitive sectors, utility stocks historically have been an indicator for the direction of interest rates. Consider buying sector name CMS Energy Corp. (CMS), advises Kelley Wright, editor of Investment Quality Trends.
The valuations reached at the market peak in January of 2022 were the highest in history and the 2022 decline only brought valuations back to where they were at the market’s peaks in 1929 and 2000; that is a fact, asserts Kelley Wright, editor of Investment Quality Trends.
Our primary goal is to realize Return on Investment (ROI) – and our belief is the best investment vehicle to achieve ROI is high-quality, dividend-paying, blue chip stocks. Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) is one I like, says Kelley Wright, editor of Investment Quality Trends.

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Kelley Wright

Dividends Still Don't Lie

Written by Kelley Wright, Managing Editor of Investment Quality Trends, with a new Foreword by Geraldine Weiss, this book teaches a value-based strategy to investing, one that uses a stock's dividend yield as the primary measure of value. Rather than

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