Paul Cretien

Retired Professor of Finance,

  • Retired Professor of Finance

About Paul

Paul D. Cretien is a financial and investment analyst, financial case writer, author, and Army veteran. He has worked as a professor of finance at Louisiana State University, the University of Colorado, the University of Hawaii, and Baylor University. Mr. Cretien has contributed technical trading articles to Futures Magazine and Modern Trader Magazine for more than a decade and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. He earned an MBA in Finance from Southern Methodist University and a Ph.D in Finance from the University of Texas.

Paul's Articles

By examining the price curve of Eurodollar futures, traders can discover anomalies in various Treasury product across the curve, points out Paul Cretien.
When the yield curve in three-month Eurodollar futures and treasuries diverge, it creates reversion trading opportunities, writes Paul Cretien.
Eurodollar interest rate futures are easy to trade and are the most liquid futures market in the world, writes Paul Cretien.
One of the best ways to trade interest rates is with the three-month Eurodollar interest rate futures.