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About Steve

Steve Reitmeister is the CEO of, bringing 40 years of experience to help individual investors find outperformance. For the better part of the past two decades he was the editor-in-chief of where millions of investors enjoyed his timely market insights. Mr. Reitmeister's commentary has also been featured on other leading investment websites including Yahoo! Finance, SeekingAlpha, CNNMoney, and MarketWatch.

Steve's Articles

There are some important lessons that I want to share now while they are still fresh in my mind, states Steve Reitmeister of Reitmeister Total Return.
Most times investing seems fairly complicated. So many different economic many data points...and so many experts with conflicting opinions, states Steve Reitmeister of Reitmeister Total Return.
There is no doubt a pullback is taking place as the S&P 500 (SPX) is a good spot off the recent highs found at the end of July. Since then, the large cap index has given back around 4% with small caps and other Risk On positions seeing even worse results, states Steve Reitmeister of Reitmeister Total Return.
The nearly 20% bull run from the March lows is over. Now it's time to rest up in a trading range for the next run higher, states Steve Reitmeister of Reitmeister Total Return.

Steve's Videos

Here is the recent pattern. 2020 Bear—2021 Bull—:2022 Bear—2023 yes, we are all wondering what 2024 has in store for investors??? That is why 43-year investment veteran Steve Reitmeister shares his outlook, trading plan, and top picks for the year ahead.

40-year investment veteran Steve Reitmeister reviews the bull vs. bear case for the 2nd half of the year. Warning: Even though bulls are enjoying some 1st half gain, the bear market may soon come out of hibernation. This presentation includes Steve's trading plan and top picks to stay on the right side of the action.

Yes, we are still very much in a bear market. That is sometimes hard to see when there are still many impressive rallies. But history shows that this is all normal in a long-term process to find bottom that is still well below current levels. 40 year investment veteran Steve Reitmeister shares his current market outlook along with a trading plan with 10 top picks to not just survive, but actually thrive as this bear market claws its way lower.

Why will the bear market re-emerge in early 2023, what is the best strategy to profit on the way down, and how best to bottom fish to ride it back higher? Finally, what trades have 100%+ potential as the new bull emerges? 40-year investment veteran, Steve Reitmeister, answers all that and more in his timely "Stock Trading Plan for 2023".

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