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  • Bestselling Author of The Tao of Trading- How to Build Abundant Wealth in Any Market Condition

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Simon Ree has three decades of experience as an active trader, investor, and financial markets professional. He previously held senior positions with Goldman Sachs in Australia and Citibank in Singapore before deciding to focus on trading full-time in 2017. He is the founder of, an online education company that has helped hundreds of aspiring wealth-builders learn how to use the financial markets to generate the prosperity they desire. Mr. Ree is the author of the Amazon #1 best-selling book The Tao of Trading - How to Build Abundant Wealth in Any Market Condition. His vision is to help people live more creative, joyful and inspired lives by alleviating the burden of financial stress that ways so many people down. Mr. Ree's mission is to revolutionize the way finance is taught by shattering long-held myths that have been perpetuated by Wall Street.

Simon's Articles

Changes in trend are always the most difficult periods to navigate in financial markets, economics, and geopolitics, states Simon Ree of
The stock market has obviously got a far more bearish tone to it that at any time since early 2020. Does it crash from here? What could bulls hang their hopes on, states Simon Ree of
The financial world loves to talk about the greatest wealth transfer in history, the one where an estimated $30 trillion will be passed from the baby boomers to younger generations over the next few decades, states Simon Ree of

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Learn how to navigate volatile markets safely and successfully by trading options.

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Simon Ree

The Tao of Trading: How to Build Abundant Wealth in Any Market Condition

If you’re serious about growing your wealth quickly, you need a book that teaches time-tested strategies that will help to greatly accelerate your wealth creation.