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Anne-Marie Baiynd, president and CEO of TheTradingBook.com, focuses her successful trading system around use of the Fibonacci sequence, support and resistance and wave pattern recognition in the market. Her trading systems combine the proper use of support and resistance, Stochastic Momentum Index, VWAPs, and moving averages to create a simple, yet highly effective model, boasting greater than 73% accuracy with proper execution, even in volatile markets (see her results page on her Web site). Ms. Baiynd has been a neuroscience researcher, corporate speaker and trainer, VP of sales, and CEO of a recruiting firm. She was introduced to technical trading in 2005 and began trading full-time soon after. Presently, Ms. Baiynd divides her time between being an active trader, developing automated trading systems for grey and black box environments, and mentoring traders through rigorous training programs with small group and one-on-one instruction. She speaks to and advises proprietary traders, portfolio managers, hedge fund managers, and assists in individual and group behavioral re-engineering. Ms. Baiynd's daily routine includes the management of a premium blog for day and swing traders through TheTradingBook.com, which is focused on the application of her high probability trading strategies. Her books, The Trading Book, and its companion workbook, The Trading Book Workbook, provide a simple and successful solution based on the mastery of a few technical indicators. Ms. Baiynd has a BA in applied mathematics and her Master's work includes statistics, biostatistics, and behavioral studies.

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Traders often have a tough time in determining where to place their stops and Anne-Marie Baiynd discusses why she thinks it should be determined by stop-specific criteria. TIM:  My guest today…

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Become An Active Learner

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Simple Can Be Better

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When Should You Stay Out of the Market?

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How Market Sentiment Can Help with Trading Decisions

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Using Fibonacci to Make Great Trades

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When Indicators Collide!

When your indicators are conflicting, which one do you believe? Anne-Marie Baiynd explains what to do when indicators collide. Most traders use a variety of technical indicators, but what should y…

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How to Trade Non-Trending Markets

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