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Anne-Marie Baiynd

Chief Market Strategist and CEO,

  • American Author, Financial Analyst, Technical Analyst
  • Published Market Positioning System (MPS) in 2011
  • Author of The Trading Book

About Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie Baiynd is the president and CEO of and its chief market analyst. Trading since 2005, Ms. Baiynd has been using the simple concepts of support and resistance to create trading strategies that deliver favorable results in many market environments and across all instruments. She is a regular contributor to Benzinga, See It Market and is active across social media. Ms. Baiynd's educational background is as a mathematical statistician and neuroscience researcher.

Anne-Marie's Articles

You're in a trade and it's not working. When do you admit you're wrong? A lot of people struggle with admitting they're wrong. When do you throw in the towel? It depends, says Anne-Marie Baiynd of
When we approach the market, we tend to look at technical analysis or fundamental analysis, and based on our assumptions about what we are reading, we'll take a trade. But there's a special series of questions that should occur before any trade we take: a series of questions that will deliver an edge, says Anne-Marie Baiynd of
Traders often have a tough time in determining where to place their stops and Anne-Marie Baiynd discusses why she thinks it should be determined by stop-specific criteria.
The OODA loop was designed by John Boyd for pilots to reduce accidents and crashes in the 50's and it is still used today, says Anne-Marie Baiynd of

Anne-Marie's Videos

In this segment, we'll assess some macro events against the economic landscape to establish a narrative of what large market participants are following. Understanding the backdrop allows us to pick the best sectors for our own portfolio objectives.

This 'pre-work' will build us a powerful backdrop that allows our technical indicators to become much more accurate and increase our decision-making power.

It's a session you won't want to miss!

Many of us look at charts and say to ourselves I wish I had gotten in there, but how do we prepare so that we know what that event looks like? What signals can we use that give us limited risk and yet open us to trading rewards ahead. In this session, Anne-Marie Baiynd will break down a complete strategy, from the search of ideal trading candidates to the alerts, execution, and final completion of the trade. One simple moving average, one momentum indicator, and a check list to step through. Join us for this systematic breakdown that will carry you to the next level of trading success.
How many times have we heard there is no holy indicator of market prediction? But there is one, and the most important thing we can watch and understand has been sitting right under our noses. That indicator is price, but rarely have we ever been taught to assess price in one of three ways to predict the likelihood of future motion. Join Anne-Marie Baiynd for this breakdown of price analysis that will empower you as a trader in ways you've only hoped for...until now.
Volatility: What is it? How does it affect our positions? What tools are there that will allow me to measure what my risks are? All of these are questions posed by smart investors and traders. Do you know the answers? We'll discuss how volatility appears, what we can do to engage in new trades and investments, and how we can protect our current positions in order to ride the waves of uncertainty.

Anne-Marie's Books

Anne-Marie Baiynd

The Trading Book: A Complete Solution to Mastering Technical Systems and Trading Psychology

This one-of-a-kind guide goes beyond the numbers and statistics to show you the complex psychology behind the trades—from the greatest gains to the hardest losses. You’ll discover how other traders deal with making counterintuitive decisions; how to use technical indicators to identify the momentum and direction of the markets; and how to achieve your long-term financial goals through discipline, dedication
Anne-Marie Baiynd

The Trading Book Course: A Practical Guide to Profiting with Technical Analysis

Filled with activities, exercises, and expert advice, The Trading Book Course explains how to accurately identify market conditions before beginning to trade--which is the key to determining the best entry and exit points possible. It also teache