James Paulsen

Chief Investment Strategist,

The Leuthold Group, LLC

About James

Jim Paulsen is chief investment strategist and a portfolio manager at The Leuthold Group, LLC. He is a member of the investment committee, authors market and economic commentary, and works with the Leuthold investment team in serving institutional, financial advisor, and investment-professional clients. Mr. Paulsen's long-running newsletter, now titled Paulsen's Perspective, is published and distributed alongside their premier monthly research product, Perception for the Professional.

James's Videos

Jim Paulson will comment on the unique response from the stock market, investors, and policy officials to the virus crisis where he will illustrate that this is because it is the only "Recession by Proclamation" in U.S. history. Now, the US is beginning its first ever Recovery by Proclamation. Dr. Paulsen will also focus on why the combination of widespread fear and under-ownership of risk assets and massive policy stimulus is a powerful force for a continuation of this new bull market. Finally, he will discuss what specific asset classes, investment factors, and sectors probably make the most sense right now for inclusion in investor portfolios.

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