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Income Securities Investor

  • Nine Times #1-Ranked High Yield Strategist in Inst. Investor Survey
  • Financial Exec of Year by Financial Mgmt Assoc International in 2002
  • Received CFA Society New York’s Ben Graham Award in 2017

About Martin

Martin Fridson is the publisher of Income Securities Investor and according to Investment Dealers' Digest he is "Perhaps the most well-known figure in the high-yield world." He has served as a CFA Institute governor and consultant to the Federal Reserve Board. In 2002 the Financial Management Association International named Mr. Fridson the Financial Executive of the Year. The CFA Society New York gave him its Ben Graham Award in 2017.

Martin's Articles

Marty Fridson is a leading authority on income investing; the editor of Forbes/Fridson Income Securities Investor specializes in finding opportunities in fixed-income securities, including preferreds, convertibles and — in this case — a pair of closed-end funds.
Crestwood Equity Partners, LP (CEQP) is an energy MLP that owns and operates midstream assets primarily located in the Marcellus Shale, Bakken Shale, Delaware Permian Basin, PRB Niobrara Shale, Barnett Shales, and Fayetteville Shale regions, notes Marty Fridson, editor of Forbes/Fridson Income Securities
Marty Fridson, is a leading expert on a wide variety of fixed-income securities; here, the editor of Forbes/Fridson Income Securities Investor looks at two recommended preferred securities issued by regional banks.
Marty Fridson is a leading expert on income investing — particularly known for his expertise in more complex areas of the market. Here, the editor of Forbes/Fridson Income Securities Investor looks at a pair of recommendations among closed-end funds that hold convertible and preferred shares.

Martin's Videos

The challenge of investing for income is balancing yield and risk. Risks include both temporary paper losses and permanent losses of capital. Martin Fridson, CFA, will show you available tools for managing these risks including credit ratings, yield-based measures, diversification, and recommendations that include indications of appropriateness by the investor's risk tolerance.
Marty Fridson discusses the need to spread risk across various fixed income products with different risk profiles.
Fridson discusses the current risk profile in the market. He talks about the importance of combining below investment grade bonds with dividend growth stocks to create a diversified portfolio
With interest rates so low it is necessary to take more risk to get beneficial yield. The key to investing in the fixed income world is diversification.

Martin's Books

Martin Fridson, CFA

Financial Statement Analysis: A Practitioner's Guide

"Financial Statement Analysis: A Practitioner's Guide is a well-organized, thorough exploration of the challenges facing practitioners who rely on financial statements to make investment and lending decisions.
Martin Fridson, CFA

Unwarranted Intrusions: The Case Against Government Intervention in the Marketplace

Unwarranted Intrusions is a provocative and exhaustively researched challenge to prevailing political claims of programs that purport to protect the public good.

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