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Zachary Mannes

Senior Analyst, US Equities,

  • Senior Analyst at (EWT)
  • Co-Host of Stock Waves on EWT and Seeking Alpha
  • Popular Speaker and Educator on Individual Stocks

About Zachary

Zachary Mannes is co-host of the Stock Waves & Mining Stocks service within, providing wave alerts and trade set-ups on individual stocks as well as the Miners Model Portfolio. He also co-hosts the site's weekly Beginner's Circle Webinar for new members. One of the founding members of the EWT site, Mr. Mannes began working in finance as an investment adviser in 2008 and adopted Elliott Wave Theory. He continues to push the boundaries on how sentiment drives the perception of fundamentals and how some fundamentals can influence sentiment while focusing on a bottom-up micro approach filtering through charts and Elliott Wave counts on hundreds of individual stocks.

Zachary's Articles

Let's start out with a dose of pure honesty, states Zac Mannes of ElliottWaveTrader.
We generally chart the regular NASDAQ— the NDX, QQQ, and the futures— but when you consider that a mere five momentum names, affectionately given the acronym FAANG

Zachary's Videos

Zachary Mannes and  Garrett Patten will provide you with the larger picture of the broad market in an EW context and then provide some key support levels for possible paths higher and the divergences they see concerning RSP, as well as NQ, RTY, and YM. They’ll also briefly mention sector rotation. 


Zac Mannes and Garrett Patten, senior analysts at ElliottWaveTrader, share their strategy for identifying rotation opportunities in sectors, including precious metals and miners, and which sector ETFs to watch over the coming year and beyond.

Elliott Wave senior analysts Zac Mannes and Garrett Pattten explain how they use Elliott Wave to stay on top of rotation opportunities between sector ETFs and get clues as to what the broad market will do. The session will also cover their outlook on metals, including copper and platinum, as well as some of the agricultural soft commodities, and projections for miners over the coming year.

Zac Mannes, senior analyst at ElliottWaveTrader, explores how to use our Elliott Wave Analysis to identify key support & resistance regions and applications for covered calls and other additional portfolio income and protection.