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Tyler Crowe is an analyst, researcher, writer, and all-around curious observer of everything investing. Mr. Crowe has been a contributor and editor for numerous financial media outlets for over a decade. His publication, Misfit Alpha, unearths some of the most under-covered and underappreciated companies that have generated tremendous wealth over the years. His work has been featured on CNBC, CNN Money, TIME, USA Today, Money Magazine, Fox Business, and The Motley Fool. Tyler Crowe holds an MBA from Collège des Ingénieurs in Paris as well as an MS in Civil Engineering and a BS in Civil Engineering, Foreign Affairs, and French from the University of New Hampshire.

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Ternium SA (TX) is Latin America's largest flat-rolled steel producer and the third-largest producer in the Western Hemisphere. Some 80% of its 13.8 million tons of steel sales are in Mexico, Brazil, and the US. The stock trades for a deep discount and could benefit from global nearshoring efforts, opines Tyler Crowe, author of Misfit Alpha.
I have this new 20-minute window in my life each day. My kid started pre-school this fall. Each morning, we take a 15-minute ride on public transit to drop him off. On the way back, I have about 20 minutes of waiting for and riding the bus home. So, with this new window of quiet reflection, I did the most cliché thing an investor could do: I started re-reading The Intelligent Investor (the 2003 edition with commentary from Jason Zweig), recounts Tyler Crowe, author of Misfit Alpha.
Logistics and shipping is one of the most complex businesses one could imagine. It takes a special kind of business to understand what it takes to move goods around the world in the most timely and cost-effective means possible. Expeditors International of Washington (EXPD) is a sector star worth investigating, notes Tyler Crowe, author of Misfit Alpha.
One thing I’m becoming more and more convinced of over time is that the opportunity for individual investors to generate market-beating returns is to go into the markets and assets that Wall Street either can’t or doesn’t want to go. Not because I think that Wall Street is consistently wrong. Instead, I think the probability of finding a mispriced asset is more likely found in parts of the market with fewer people looking at it than the parts of the market with all of the eyeballs, writes Tyler Crowe, author of Misfit Alpha.

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 The post-COVID world has exposed many flaws in current global supply chains, and the world is responding with major investments in nearshoring and supply chain resiliency. This trend should open up immense opportunities in North America for businesses and investors alike.   

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