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  • Featured Columnist at TheStreet
  • Previous financial advisor for Merrill Lynch
  • Published over 3000 articles for Options Profits and Real Money Pro

About Paul

Paul Price started out as an Ivy League educated dentist. After paying down his student loans, he got really interested in stocks, later adding equity options trading to his repertoire. Dr. Price was so seduced by the stock market that he made a full-time career switch in 1987, joining Merrill Lynch as a financial advisor. Following his success in this endeavor, at 50 years old he stopped going to work and began living off his own portfolios' profits. In 2010, Dr. Price was hired by to write exclusive columns for both Options Profits and Real Money Pro. He has published over 3000 articles and continues to submit new actionable ideas every business day.

Paul's Articles

Some of the most profitable stock buys are those with temporary bad news that is likely to get much better before long. The negative press induces people into selling at low prices, often just before they rebound sharply, explains Paul Price, editor of TheStreet's Real Money Pro.
When high end mall operator Macerich Co. (MAC) reported earnings in November the news was all good. Funds from operations (FFO) — the preferred metric in evaluating REITs — came in above estimate; so did revenues, which were up 14.2% versus 2020, notes Paul Price, editor of TheStreet's Real Money Pro.
We just passed the forty-year anniversary of America’s highest interest rate environment in history. Back then, nobody knew that rates were about to fall, precipitously at first, and then continue in that downward trend for four full decades, notes Paul Price, a daily columnist with TheStreet's Real Money Pro.
What a deal; here’s a Hooker that will pay you. That would be Hooker Furniture (HOFT), a top-five leader in household and office/home office furniture, headquartered in Martinsville, Virginia, asserts Paul Price, a daily columnist with TheStreet’s Real Money Pro.

Paul's Videos

Paul Price has been publishing investment articles on The Street's Real Money Pro every business day since 2010. In this seminar, Dr. Price will share the "secret sauce" which allowed him to stop going to work the month he turned 50.

You'll learn:

  • How to tell if a stock is overpriced, fairly priced, or a true bargain
  • Which stocks must be avoided at all costs
  • When to make oversized bets on stocks with the potential to literally "change your life"
  • Two additional easy-to-use factors which can add confidence to your stock selection process
  • How to add extra "margins of safety" to any stock trade you care to make

As a special bonus, Dr. Price will let you know his very best pick for the coming year, and why he thinks so.

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