Ziad Jasani

Managing Director and Partner,

Independent Investor Institute

About Ziad

Ziad Jasani is the founder and Head Swing Trader at the Independent Investor Institute, the fastest growing community of active Investors in Canada. His focus is on empowering investors to do better through education and discipline. He teaches the fundamentals of active investing and portfolio construction, combining global macro analytics with fundamental and technical analysis. Mr. Jasani has studied and trained with top Portfolio Managers and Analysts like Mr. Larry Berman, and brings over 20 years of small business and senior corporate management experience to the Institute.

Ziad's Articles

When you give markets and economies free money for a decade and then start taking that stimulus away, what is likely to happen? As the QE drug and low-interest rates are taken away from the patient (Markets), pangs of withdrawal necessarily follow, writes Ziad Jasani.
How did we do with trading ideas since Jan. 1, 2018 through Dec. 27? Take a look and view my year-end trading workshop, writes Ziad Jasani Thursday. He's presenting at MoneyShow Orlando Feb. 9.
If the TSX can hold > 14,655 and bounce back > 14,926, a higher probability of a move to re-test the 50-day average (15,284) initiates wherein the index, Financials, Energy, Industrials, Tech & Cannabis would be playable for a swing-low trade, says Ziad Jasani Monday.
Triple bottom or the bottom falls out? If the S&P 500 is able to hold above 2,604 and bounce back above 2,650 (SPY ~ $265.32) a move back towards 2,737 or higher becomes more likely, says Ziad Jasani Monday in commentary and video here.

Ziad's Videos

In this "Meet the Experts" series, we asked our investing and trading experts to share their background, investment strategies, and preview their presentations at the upcoming MoneyShow Toronto.
Join Ziad Jasani, the Head-Swing-Trader at the Independent Investor Institute, to learn active Portfolio Management Strategies using a Global-Macro, Fundamental & Technical Analysis approach. You'll learn which spaces globally are more opportune and which spaces carry more down-side risk. From there you'll be introduced to a structured decision-making approach that identifies market trends from the top-down, behavioural events that can unlock value, and how to utilize ETFs to construct growth-focused and income-focused portfolios, while taking less than average market risk. This is a do-not-miss session!