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Sa'ad Rana

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About Sa'ad

Sa'ad Rana has been in the financial services industry for the last 12 years in a variety of roles. In 2019, he joined the BMO ETFs sales team, supporting portfolio managers and advisors in Central Canada. Mr. Rana is an intrapreneur that is helping spearhead the development of BMO ETF's direct channel segment. He is currently focusing on working with investors and other partners to provide education and insights on ETFs within the direct channel segment and building relationships with key stakeholders.

Sa'ad's Videos

Asset Allocation ETFs have quickly become the cornerstone of investment portfolios for people planning for or in retirement. This is for good reason, the all-in-one approach provides diversification that complements most other holdings. Now with the new Fixed Percentage Distribution Units (T6 units) retirees benefit with the monthly distribution rate of 6% annually. Join Sa'ad Rana and Chris McHaney as they discuss how asset allocation ETFs have simplified portfolios and how they can help retirees ease the transition from accumulation to decumulation and provide reliable monthly cash flow. They discuss how these simple all-in-one ETFs can be an effective nest egg you can pass onto the next generation for estate planning purposes.

When looking at sector and thematic investing, investors look for precise exposure, high liquidity, quick access, and growth opportunity. Exchange-traded funds (ETFS) can be the perfect solution for these criteria. In our session, we will cover how ETFs can be used for sector and thematic investing to tap into growth areas of the market, using them to respond to market swings and the changing global economic environment.