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Alex Spiroglou

Global Macro Trader and Awarded Technician,

About Alex

Alex Spiroglou is the founder and CEO of SMART Trader Systems Ltd, London, a firm focused on the training, support, and development of institutional traders (primarily family office managers, emerging money managers, and CTAs) via a 15-step, rules-based learning path of quantified technical and macro strategies. Mr. Spiroglou's involvement with capital markets began in 1998, having worked for various proprietary trading and investment management firms in the UK and Greece.

Alex's Articles

In this video, Alex Spiroglou of S.M.A.R.T. Trader Systems Ltd. shares some thoughts on the bond market.
The challenge for traders and technicians is to define and distinguish between a ranging market and a trending market, states Alex Spiroglou of S.M.A.R.T. Trader Systems Ltd.

Alex's Videos

In 2015, Alex created a new and novel momentum indicator that would solve the shortcomings of range-bound oscillators (RSI, Stochastics, etc.), and unbound indicators (MACD, RoC, etc.), by creating a new hybrid momentum indicator that overcomes these shortcomings while retaining their advantages. Join us so Alex can present and explain this new momentum tool, which is being incorporated into major technical analysis platforms (Tradingview, MT4, Metastock, StockCharts, etc.). All participants will receive the indicator in TradingView. 

In 2022 Alex Spiroglou was awarded the NAAIM Founders Award, for advances in Active Investment Management (2022) and the CMT Association Charles H. Dow Award, for outstanding research in Technical Analysis (2022), for his paper MACD-v: Volatility normalized momentum. In this presentation, Alex will show you how to use this innovative tool, that fixed and improved the five limitations of the classic MACD.

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