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  • Founder of The Wall Street Coach
  • Author of Transforming Wall Street
  • Work profiled in CNN.Money, Fortune Magazine, Smart Money, The, AP, etc.

About Kim Ann

Kim Ann Curtin, the founder of The Wall Street Coach, works with traders, investors, and their teams to help them perform their best in the markets. Having worked on Wall Street for over two decades, she and her team of coaches combine Wall Street business acumen with emotional intelligence to help clients transform their careers and their lives.

While interviewing top investors like Bill Ackman, Jim Rogers, John Bogle, and other Wall Street legends, Ms. Curtin discovered they share a set of five unique characteristics that helped create success in their lives and investments. In her book, Transforming Wall Street, she outlines the five practices that are key to their success and how you can follow the masters of the universe in their footsteps.

Kim Ann's Articles

In this unique two-part episode, Kim Ann Curtin of The Wall Street Coach starts by interviewing Grant about his incredible journey through the world of finance and the lessons he's learned.
Jim Rogers joins Kim Ann Curtin of The Wall Street Coach to discuss the current market, his time on Wall Street, and his first-hand experience of finance around the world, which he documented in his book Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers.
Jawad Mian joins Kim Ann Curtin of The Wall Street Coach to discuss his book Stray Reflections, his thoughts on the current market, and how he finds clarity for himself through spirituality.
Lance Breitstein joins Kim Ann Curtin of The Wall Street Coach to discuss his incredible rise as a prop trader at Trillium, the importance of having a growth mindset, and how to identify the nuances in both the market and your own trading to vastly improve your edge.

Kim Ann's Videos

Have you suddenly hit a trading slump? Does it feel like you've lost your magic touch when you're used to making big, consistent returns? Have you noticed you're taking on more risk than usual or breaking your own investing rules? Many times, a day trader or an investor comes in with a solid, well-thought-out plan. But it falls apart when they unconsciously try to scratch an itch that has nothing to do with their strategy, their account, or the market. If you've ever found yourself taking risks outside of your proven system, you may be seeking to meet the need for adventure unconsciously.

In this interactive talk, Kim Ann Curtin will walk you through the universal needs every trader and investor has so you can understand the most important ones for you, when you're most at risk, and how to avoid these traps before you sacrifice your trading or investment account.

Kim Ann's Books

Kim Ann Curtin

Transforming Wall Street: A Conscious Path for a New Future

In this book, Kim Ann Curtin challenges the established narrative of self-interest and greed that has informed so much of the coverage around Wall Street, and sets out an optimistic and positive vision for the future of America’s financial heart.
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