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Nate Pile


While attending school, Nate Pile, founder and editor of Nate's Notes, met and spent time working for legendary biotech analyst, Jim McCamant, a life-changing experience that inspired him to eventually launch his own newsletter, Nate's Notes, in 1995. Over the past 16 years, Nate's Notes--which is written with "the individual investor" in mind--has quietly become one of the more highly ranked newsletters in the country (as measured by The Hulbert Financial Digest). Mr. Pile lives in Healdsburg, California, and earned a Bachelor's degree in mathematics from U.C. Berkeley. Like Nate's Notes, The Wagmore Advisory Letter - launched in 2014 - takes a very long-term approach to stock selection, with the same bias towards biotech and high-tech stocks. However, unlike Nate's Notes, which uses a thoughtfully modified version of the traditional 'buy and hold' approach to investing, The Wagmore Advisory Letter takes things one step further by also writing covered calls against its stock positions.

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