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  • Founder of Fundamental Trends Investment Letter
  • Named World's Next Great Investing Columnist by MarketWatch
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About Kirk

Kirk Spano is the founder of Fundamental Trends Investment Letter and Bluemound Asset Management, LLC - Registered Investment Advisor. He is widely published, including being named the World's Next Great Investing Columnist by MarketWatch and being a top read analyst on Seeking Alpha. His 4-step investment process focuses on secular growth trends and trading cycles; government and Fed policy; industry and company fundamentals; as well as, a money-flow based technical and quant approach for finding price trends and pivots. Mr. Spano is best known for his views on technology, the impact of technology, energy, and the sustainable energy transition, which he has deemed the sustainable smart everything world.

Kirk's Articles

Small caps and many mid caps have already corrected to far below fair value; once the mega caps enter a bear market, the next rally will be in sight, notes Kirk Spano; here, the editor of Fundamental Trends highlights several recommendations in the media sector.
The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and it shows no signs of slowing down, explains Kirk Spano, editor of Fundamental Trends.
Aemetis (AMTX) is the leader in biofuels and carbon capture in California. We always have to remember how big California is. The state has a bigger economy than all but 14 countries on the planet, asserts Kirk Spano, editor of Fundamental Trends.
There are three reasons to buy dividend stocks and high yield is not one of those reasons. Rather, dividend investing is about balance sheet quality, asset valuations and underlying growth, asserts Kirk Spano, chief investment officer of Bluemound Asset Management and editor of Fundamental Trends.

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The sustainable "smart everything world" is at the intersection of the two the biggest secular trends in the world. First, we are seeing technology continue to emerge in its own right, but also within every other industry. The winners in real estate, finance, heavy industry, and every other industry are now being determined largely by the smart application of technology. Second, the move towards a low-carbon energy system is happening at a faster pace than most expected a decade ago. Technology is at the forefront of this massive energy transition. The emerging sustainable energy system encompasses things from solar, wind, batteries, and EVs to carbon capture, renewable natural gas, low carbon fuels, and hydrogen. This presentation will cover trends in the sustainable "smart everything world," as well as offer several stocks likely to be big winners in the next few years.

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