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About Ardi

Ardi Aaziznia is a finance professional with multiple years of experience in capital markets in various roles. He is currently the director of Ayandeh Investing Group, working independently in various capital markets capacities.  

Ardi's Videos

Explore the potential of calendar spreads in this webinar, where Ardi will unravel the complexities and reveal their remarkable opportunities. While often overlooked due to their intricacies, these spreads provide an exceptional avenue for investors seeking both long exposure and theta extraction. Discover how they can optimize capital efficiency and offer superior upside compared to conventional stocks. He will cover risk management and share insights on effective position management and the fundamentals of profit-taking, equipping you with valuable tools for enhancing your options trading.

Ardi Aaziznia will discuss three methods for hedging your portfolio against market volatility and potential downside. These methods include covered calls, protective puts, and collars, which are commonly used by institutions. Ardi will describe each method in an easy-to-follow manner that is accessible to traders of all levels, from novice to professional.

In this short webinar, Ardi will review two key strategies he and other traders at the proprietary trading firm Peak Capital Trading use to create alpha for the firm. Ardi will discuss how to use credit and calendar spreads to set up high-probability trades after key events such as earnings releases. In this session, you will learn about the following: what is a calendar spread and how to set it up, what is a credit spread and how to set it up, profit-taking criteria for each strategy, and risk management techniques for each strategy.