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The Trader Chick

  • Creator of Simplifying Day Trading
  • International Speaker & Mentor
  • Teacher to Over 700 Students

About Marina

Marina 'The Trader Chick' Villatoro, specializes in helping people day trade with confidence and ease. Ms. Villatoro simplifies the process by breaking down the art of identifying high-probability trade setups. Even if you are just getting started, you could learn to day trade profitably and read the markets like a pro. You will be amazed at how simple it can be!

Marina's Articles

Support areas are super important to understand. To do so, you must know how to spot them, draw them on your charts, notes Marina 'The Trader Chick' Villatoro. 
Getting into trading can be confusing for many people. It can be especially perplexing for non-teach and non-finance people. There are many ways of simplifying trading today, and that's exactly what we are going to do, states Marina "The Trader Chick".
Have you ever committed to plans, ones that really interest you, and then you get a call for something that, you think, is better and you go into a full frenzy of FOMO, asks Marina “The Trader Chick” Villatoro?
Marina “The Trader Chick” Villatoro states the many different names given to channeling markets and shows you how to spot them.

Marina's Videos

In this session, Marina Villatoro will discuss how to study market movements and the breakdown of a trend. She will also outline how to see and learn to avoid consolidation areas and transitional areas, identify reversal and divergence areas and changes in market direction, and how to scan for breakouts and prime trade setups. Finally, she will put it all together with indicators which find trade setups.
In this webinar, Marina Villatoro will discuss consolidation and transitional areas, why they are known as a trader's worst enemy, and how to learn to avoid them. She will also cover reversal areas and divergence, and how these can be used as a trader's map to shift in direction and/or trend. Finally, learn how to read and monetize prime trade setups when breaking out of areas and using technical analysis to spot these trade setups.

Join Marina Villatoro for an in-depth discussion on how to understand market movement, use indicators for the best entries and profit targets, and identify and profit from breakout trades and other set-ups.
Join Marina The Trader Chick Villatoro for this presentation where she will study market movements and the breakdown of a trend. She will go over consolidation areas, transitional areas, and how to learn to avoid them, as well as how to identify reversal and divergence areas, and changes in market direction. You will also learn how to scan for breakouts and prime trade set ups.