Brett Friedman

Managing Partner,

Winhall Risk Analytics

  • Managing Partner at Winhall Risk Analytics
  • Contributor at OptionMetrics
  • 30 Years of Industry Experience

About Brett

Brett Friedman is managing partner at Winhall Risk Analytics and a contributor at OptionMetrics. He has managed risk for over 30 years and has broad experience working with financial institutions in risk management and operations. Mr. Friedman has built and managed three risk management organizations, two trading startups, and has transacted on numerous exchanges and OTC markets; and draws on first-hand management, operations, and valuation experience.

Brett's Articles

Last July, I wrote about inflation and one of its main drivers, commodity prices. I made the case then that although the Fed was aggressively moving to limit inflation through higher rates, commodity prices had been decreasing sharply since mid-June and were not supporting higher prices, states Brett Friedman of Winhall Risk Analytics.
Joseph Kennedy, the 35th President’s father, supposedly said right before the 1929 crash, “If shoeshine boys are giving stock tips, then it’s time to get out of the market,” states Brett Friedman of Winhall Risk Analytics.
In March, I reviewed the Ukrainian war and its effect on certain commodity-based implied volatilities most influenced by the war, namely crude oil, natural gas, and wheat, states Brett Friedman of Winhall Risk Analytics.
Recent developments in crypto currencies since the beginning of the Ukrainian war are surprising, to say the least, and may indicate whether crypto currencies are indeed a viable trading and hedging vehicle for the long term, states Brett Friedman of Winhall Risk Analytics.