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Celebrating its 40th anniversary, MoneyShow has maintained market dominance in connecting investors and traders with world-class financial experts. The very basis for MoneyShow’s existence is to deliver to this targeted audience truly elite-caliber advice, actionable recommendations, ideas, and strategies from hundreds of knowledgeable, experienced experts.

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Each year in January, our editorial team surveys the nation's leading newsletter experts asking for their favorite investment ideas for the year ahead. We've been conducting these annual surveys for over 30 years.
Each year for more than three decades, our editorial team has surveyed the nation's leading newsletter advisors and investment experts asking for their favorite stocks for the year ahead.
Our community has suffered a tremendous loss in the passing of our dear friend Clayton Makepeace. Although investors may not have heard of him, he has touched the lives of millions of them over his decades-long copywriting career in the financial newsletter industry.
Today's challenging market conditions require even more knowledge than ever for investors and traders like you to keep pace with the latest market intelligence, safeguard your portfolios, and profit from opportunities that may only be available for short periods of time.