Each year in January, our editorial team surveys the nation's leading newsletter experts asking for their favorite investment ideas for the year ahead. We've been conducting these annual surveys for over 30 years.

Now as we approach mid-year, we're proud to report that the advisors participating in MoneyShow's 2021 report have done exceedingly well — strongly outperforming the market averages.

Indeed, as of June 16th, the average gain of all 122 stocks in the Top Picks report was 21% — more than double the 10% year-to-date gain for the Nasdaq and roughly 75% better than the 12.4% gain for the Dow Industrial average and the 13.8% gain for the S&P 500.

Our goal in the MoneyShow’s Top Picks 2021 report is to provide you with a well-rounded and diverse shopping list of investment ideas for you to consider as you build your personal long-term portfolios. Our mid-year, updates report will keep you on top of the best performing ideas.

The advisors and analysts who participate in this report are among the nation’s most respected and knowledgeable investment experts. Each has a time-tested reputation for in-depth research, integrity, and a track record of long-term investment success. Most of these advisors have been participating in these reports for years; indeed, many have participated for decades!

Although we are always pleased when an advisor’s investment ideas prove to be market outperformers, we nevertheless emphasize that this is not a contest. Any stock you buy should match your own investment strategy and time horizon—and fit your personal risk-tolerance level.

The recommendations presented in this report should be viewed as a starting place for your own research. These top picks are a snapshot in time—and a stock that is a “strong-buy” today can become a “sell” based on changing fundamental or technical developments.

We also encourage our readers to consider buying subscriptions to newsletters if you are following an advisor’s suggestion. That way you will be kept apprised of their changing views on any given recommendation.

Thank you for being a part of the MoneyShow family. We wish you the very best for continued investment success.