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There Is No Alternative: What That Means for ETFs

Released on Thursday, December 1, 2022ETFs
The TINA acronym is often used to inspire optimism for low-performing markets as we've seen in 2022. With a growing ETF market and investors looking to explore alternatives, our industry-leading panelists share what ETF types investors should consider, from rising industries and ESG to factor ETFs, as well as the ETF strategies and products that make sense right now and into 2023.

Bobby Eng
Franklin Templeton Investments, SVP, Head of Platform and Institutional ETF Distribution
Lisa Hannam
MoneySense, Executive Editor
Naseem Husain
Mackenzie Investments, Vice President, ETFs
Étienne Joncas-Bouchard
Fidelity Investments, ETF Strategist
John Wilson
Ninepoint Partners, Founding Principal, Co-CEO, and Managing Partner

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