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The Economic Outlook for 2020-2021

Released on Thursday, August 20, 2020MARKETS

Three epic "Black Swan" events have just occurred in the US in a single year. Three months after a nationwide lockdown, with over 40 million jobs lost and a projected 20% economic contraction in Q2, what can investors expect? Get answers to these and other questions:

  • The Economic Shutdown and the "Great Suppression"—How Great was the Damage and When Will We Fully Recover?

  • Energy & Technology—Their Assessment of the Energy Crisis and Technological Innovations

  • What is the Political Impact at the Upcoming Election?

  • Their Best Advice to Protect Investors' Portfolios and How to Profit from Special Situations

Hear from the country's most influential economists to help you make sense of the rapidly changing environment.

Keith Fitz-Gerald
Fitz-Gerald Group, Principal
Stephen Moore
Committee to Unleash Prosperity, Co-Founder
John Mousseau
Cumberland Advisors, President, CEO, and Director of Fixed Income
Mark Skousen
Forecasts & Strategies, Editor

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