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The Strategy and Psychology That Turns Earnings Season into a Cash Machine

Released on Thursday, October 29, 2020STRATEGIES

When it comes to trading, Julie and Adrian Manz have an enviable edge. They both hold doctorates in psychology, so they find it easy to anticipate the behavior of crowds, and they are both very well versed in using statistics to find the fuel for big market moves. This power couple has been trading the markets every day since 1997 and has taught thousands of like-minded people to become market operators by following in their footsteps.

Join Julie and Adrian for a 30-minute presentation in which they will detail a trading strategy that dominated the market during earnings season every year of their career. They'll talk about the strategy mechanics and also the psychology required to profit from it. Attendees will have access to free psychological assessments at before and after the event. This will give everyone a good feel for where they stand in the trader psychology landscape.

Adrian Manz, Co-Founder and Daily Contributor
Julie Manz, Co-Founder and Contributor

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