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How to Avoid the Overlooked Mistake Threatening Even the Best Investors' Portfolios

Released on Wednesday, July 27, 2022STRATEGIES
Have you suddenly hit a trading slump? Does it feel like you've lost your magic touch when you're used to making big, consistent returns? Have you noticed you're taking on more risk than usual or breaking your own investing rules? Many times, a day trader or an investor comes in with a solid, well-thought-out plan. But it falls apart when they unconsciously try to scratch an itch that has nothing to do with their strategy, their account, or the market. If you've ever found yourself taking risks outside of your proven system, you may be seeking to meet the need for adventure unconsciously.

In this interactive talk, Kim Ann Curtin will walk you through the universal needs every trader and investor has so you can understand the most important ones for you, when you're most at risk, and how to avoid these traps before you sacrifice your trading or investment account.

Kim Ann Curtin
The Wall Street Coach, Founder

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