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A Rare, Live, In-Depth Economic Briefing from the Country's Most Influential Economists in Washington About the Road Ahead to Recovery from Covid-19. Ask Questions and Interact.The epic "Black Swan" flattened the US and world economies with tens of millions of jobs lost and trillions of dollars of GDP and stock market losses. Now we are moving into the first piece phase of "recovery." What will that look like? Will this be a V or U or L-shaped recovery? Hear live from the country's most influential economists and policymakers to help you make sense of the rapidly changing environment. In this session, you will hear about:The virus pandemic: how bad is it?The economic shutdown and the "great suppression"-when will it end and is the damage permanent? How can we reopen our economy safely?Energy & technology-their assessment of the new energy crisis and technological innovations.What is the pandemic's political impact?Their best advice to protect investors' portfolios and how to profit from special situations.What sectors will rebound and what sectors are at risk?China-What responsibility do they have and how will that affect our supply chain? Reserve your free spot today and get the valuable intelligence you need to make solid financial decisions for you and your family's future by joining us LIVE on Wednesday, April 29! Limited to 3,000 attendees!
Steve Forbes
Duration: 2:02:12