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Fear is starting to become an issue, says Chris Vermeulen of The Technical Traders.
To help predict the answer to that question, I offer up this week's Reitmeister Total Return commentary to plot our course forward, states Steve Reitmeister of Reitmeister Total Return.
What happens if bond yields have peaked, asks Jim Woods, editor of Bullseye Stock Trader.
It’s no secret that silver prices have struggled for the better part of the past 5 months, and along with them the share prices of silver producers, developers and explorers alike, explains Peter Krauth, resource sector specialist and editor of Silver Stock Investor.
Water is one of the most vital components of life, asserts Bob Ciura; in this special 5-part report, the editor of Sure Dividend continues his review his current top recommendations in the water sector.
One of the more straight-shooting CEOs in the banking industry is Brian Moynihan, who has steered the recovery of Bank of America (BAC) — America’s largest consumer-oriented bank — for the past several years, suggests Bryan Perry, income investing specialist and editor of Cash Machine. 
Facebook-parent Meta Platforms (META) recently posted its first ever quarterly decline in revenues and a much wider drop in profits at $6.7 billion, or $2.46 per share, as against $10.4 billion, or $3.61, observes Todd Shaver, editor of Bull Market Report. 
In today's video, Bill Baruch, president of breaks down the macro landscape.
Bears won a battle yesterday afternoon but are still on their heels, notes Jon Markman, editor of Strategic Advantage.
Most studies show that 90% of traders and investors don’t make money over the long-term, says Steve Burns of New Trader U.

Virtual Learning

During times of inflation and high valuations in stocks, investors struggle earning competitive returns. In this discussion, Louis Llanes will uncover active management strategies that increase the potential returns during these times.
In this session, Lyn Alden Schwartzer of will discuss data, research, and stock ideas to invest profitably even in a slow growth, stagflationary environment.
There are advantages of investing in oil drilling projects (joint ventures) such as: current oil price equals huge potential profits, tax advantages, choosing the right type of project for you, and the rapid and potentially extremely high rate of return on investment.

This session with Rebecca Walser will be a discussion of the various tax classifications of alternative investments.

This market has performed extremely well for hundreds of years and has only been available to the masses for about 150 years. Done correctly, it has historically outperformed stocks, bonds, housing, and bullion by a significant margin! Most MoneyShow clients have been missing this exploding market in a big way. In this webinar, Jim Plankers with Preferred Coin Exchange will discuss how to strategically get in while you still can. While many have been caught up in NFTs and cryptocurrencies as the latest fad, this tried-and-true market is in its golden age, surpassing expectations.

We are offering accredited investors gold for purchase at a discount under 36-month forward contracts. The gold will be produced from easy-to-access, above-ground mine tailings on the surface of a historic gold mine in Arizona. We offer a turn-key package where we process the gold to 99.95% purity for delivery to the investor (or payment of the cash equivalent) at the conclusion of the forward agreement. This is a great way to buy gold at a significant discount ($200/oz down, $1,200/oz total purchase price) without taking on mining risks and through an environmentally friendly project.

As the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates, that changes the environment for apartment investors. But so far, rising rates have not led to a drop in demand for affordable apartments. Factors such as rising rents and low inventory are offsetting the interest rate risk and keeping property prices at lofty levels. In today's webinar, Travis Watts from Ashcroft Capital discusses the current economic environment for multi-family apartments and how you can benefit from real estate private placements during 2022.

Everyone knows you can make a ton of money in real estate. The hard part is figuring out how you can be part of that. You have a successful career, a family, and no extra time. That's why many accredited investors choose to passively invest in multi-family real estate with firm like KRI.

KRI invests in value-add multifamily projects in B and C class neighborhoods in central and northern Florida with a goal of earning extraordinary risk-adjusted returns for our investors. Join this session to learn more about how and why multi-family real estate can be such a profitable investment that can produce extraordinary risk adjusted returns and why you may want to add it to your investment portfolio.

Join First National Realty Partners' managing director, Drew Carpenter, for an in-depth look at why grocery-anchored CRE is one of the best-performing real estate asset classes since 2020.

Markets are changing faster than ever, and real estate investors should be paying attention to more than just the price of housing. Whether you roll up your sleeves and invest actively in property, or passively gain exposure to the sector through REITS, funds, and private placements, you'll want to understand these critical trends and how they may affect your current investments as well as shape your criteria for upcoming opportunities.