How to Evaluate Global Dividend Stocks


Job Curtis Image Job Curtis Head of Value and Income, Henderson Global Investors

Dividend yield is the most important factor to use when evaluating investment opportunities, says London-based portfolio manager Job Curtis. In today’s interview, he describes some of his investment ideas, and details why dividends are so crucial.

Kate Stalter: Today, I’m speaking with Job Curtis, who manages the Henderson Global Equity Income Fund (HFQAX).

Job, the fund’s objective and philosophy seem to be fairly self-explanatory in the name, but I would like you to tell us, in your words, a little bit about what the goals are.

Job Curtis: We invest in equity income as far as stocks, so we’re investing in companies with above-average dividend yield.

The aim of the fund is to really produce a good return for investors, but probably we have more efforts on the income side than the capital side, unlike many funds, and we invest globally. Although we have at any point somewhere between 15% to 25%, roughly, in the US equity market, currently it is around 20%.

We do invest overseas, predominantly. We have currently about 80% in overseas equities, and we are often able to find better yields overseas than are available in the US.

Kate Stalter: I notice that year-to-date, the performance has been better than the overall indices.