BofA’s equity sentiment indicator is up to a two-plus year high, but not yet at a bullish extreme. Since 1980, markets have also never topped in June due primarily to pension inflows. Even though this uptrend is in desperate need of a consolidation, it might not happen yet. Meanwhile, I like Palantir Technologies Inc. (PLTR), says Michael Murphy, editor of New World Investor.

I see a lot of superficial warnings that this market is “a lot like the 2000 dot-com bubble.” But the 2000 market was driven by unprofitable start-ups going public. This one is not.

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As for PLTR, it just livestreamed nearly 70 customers showcasing their work in Palantir’s Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP) at the fourth AIPCon in the last 12 months. New customers include United Airlines, Nebraska Medicine, AARP, Lear, Wendy’s QSCC, and Edgescale AI.

Palantir said Tampa General Hospital selected AIP as their core AI platform to power care coordination by encoding its clinical expertise into eligibility and prioritization decisions to ensure patients receive the right care in the right place as quickly and safely as possible. The hospital’s CEO said: “We are on a mission to transform health care through innovation, and Palantir’s technology platforms enable us to leverage data to improve quality and strengthen our operations.”

Recommended Action: Buy PLTR.

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