No More Need to Trade by Chasing Carrots


Troy Epperson on uses the analogy of the donkey chasing a carrot hanging from a stick a few inches in front of its nose as it relates to trading and maps out how real-time trading tools have now put the carrot within the trader's reach.

Just like most retail traders, the donkey keeps chasing the carrot because he believes he is about to get it.

You know the image of the donkey being led around as it chases a carrot hanging from a stick a few inches in front of its nose? It's real funny until you realize you are the one who has been played as the donkey by the elite institutional traders.

For years, retail traders have been tricked by the elite institutional traders. You have been told to watch the price of an asset and use all sorts of lagging indicators to find your best entry and exit points.

But your trades almost never got the carrot. And even when they did it was just a little taste.

Now, you have the ability to find out why.

Why Do Your Trades Never Get the Carrot?

You have always been so close you just knew that you would get there next time around. And next time ended up about the same as the last. Why?

The elite institutional traders have always used real-time data and analysis for positioning their trades.