BMW: A Hidden Blue Chip

02/04/2014 10:00 am EST


Carlton Delfeld

Editor, The La Jolla Letter and Pacific Gains

We've been looking beyond the NYSE and Nasdaq to find hidden blue chips trading at bargain prices, explains Carl Delfeld, editor of Capital Gains.

It may surprise you that BMW (BAMXY), the largest luxury carmaker, is not listed on the NYSE or Nasdaq.

When BMW came out of the 2008 financial crisis, the company targeted five fast growing markets: Brazil, Russia, India, South Korea, and Turkey. It is now tied with Mercedes-Benz in Russia and leads in each of the other markets.

You might be surprised to see Turkey on this list, but the country now has twice as many billionaires as Japan and is the 16th largest economy in the world, with a population exceeding 80 million.

This focus on new growth markets highlights a BMW trademark—looking ahead to constant and steady innovation. Its BMW i Ventures $100 million investment fund supports new partners and technologies, in an effort to stay ahead of competitors and the growth curve.

A new BMW's “Project i” is ready to hit the road with the launch of the electric i3 and the hybrid i8, scheduled for delivery in the second quarter of this year.

It is making quite a media splash, as these cars are made of aluminum and carbon fiber plastic, giving them a range of 140 miles.

BMW lost the luxury best-selling sweepstakes to Mercedes-Benz last year, in part, because its rival rolled out the CLA, a new class of sedan that starts at less than $30,000.

But BMW is striking back with a spanking new 2-Series priced at $33,000—a move into a lower cost lane, with a much bigger car than the 1-Series it will replace.

One reason that BMW is run with a sharp eye on the future is that 46% of its outstanding shares are in the steady hands of its strategic partners.

The stock has decent liquidity, with an average daily volume of 50,000, and is trading at only, about, eleven times trailing earnings. And despite all the talk of a global slowdown, BMW sales just power on up 11% year over year.

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