Understanding Numismatics


Modern Commemorative Coins author Eric Jordan discusses numismatics and shares his thoughts on how one might get started in this "hobby of kings."

What is numismatics; and should you be involved in that? Today we are talking with our guest, Eric Jordan, on that topic. Eric, what is this?

Numismatics is the collection of exceptional items; basically coinage. People like to collect things, and they like to collect things that are scarce and interesting to them. Numismatics; they called it the "hobby of kings." It struck on what is money—has been money—for 5,000 years.

All that numismatics is, is people saying well, I want to collect in some type of format. Numismatics—if you look back over the last 100 years—and I did a great deal of research on this—numismatics grow the best from the generation you live in. The greatest coin opportunities are in your lifetime; you buy them while they are infants; while they are young; while they are inexpensive.

It can be as simple as getting the annual offerings listing from the United States Mint. You get that; you look through it; you pay attention to the weekly sales report that comes out and things like Numismatic News; and you pick the low mintage issues.

Now—me in particular—I like to collect proof Platinum Eagles. They are Platinum Eagles. You notice children are all collecting 50-state quarters; National Park quarters, and presidential dollars. They’ve got a stable face and a changing reverse, right? That’s what the younger generation is being taught to collect.

Well, the mint offers high-end expressions of that...for example, the proof platinum eagles.